Brute Strength Training. The Road To 2000
By Eddie McLaughlin on 9/3/2012 Back to Blueprints

Brute Strength Training. The Road To 2000

Here I will be posting weekly updates on training/ diet/ life. Right now I am training for the  West Coast Open. I currently am using a somewhat of a conjugate setup. This meet prep will be fairly similar to my last, seeing as it yielded such great results. 

27 August 2012

DE Upper

Bench Against Bands: 135x9x3

Palms In Pulldowns: 4x12 + Dropset

Palms In Low Pulley Rows: 4x12+ Dropset

Face Pulls: 3x20

Shrugs: 3x30

Overhead Extensions: 95x3x15


First time speed benching since my last meet prep. Shoulders felt fine & weight moved quickly. Really targetting the upper back, I believe it is crucial to have a strong upper back for any of the big 3.

28 August 12

DE Lower

Box Squats: 225x6x3

Free Squats: 225x3x3

Ab Pulldowns: 3x20

Rev Hyper: 3x15


Cut the session real short today. Diagnostic PT Test tommorow


29 August 12

Diagnostic PT Test

Pushups: 77

Situps: 76

6 Mile Bike: 21 Minutes


Random diagnostics suck, waste of energy!


30 August 12


Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 225x5 275x3 315x1

Add Slingshot: 365x3,5,5,5,5

Chest Supported Rows: 6x10

Face Pulls: 3x20

Pressdowns: 3x20


Felt good using the slingshot. Haven't done any heavy pressing in awhile! 


01 September 12

ME Lower

Free Squats: 155x5, 245x5 335x3,3 385x3 425x3 475x3

Sumo Pulls Against Doubled Minis (550ish at the top): 315x4x1

Conventional Pulls Against Doubled Minis (550ish at the top):315x2x1

Rev Hyper: 3x15




First week of prep went alright. Found a few of not so strong points and will be working on them. Too early to tell, but I have a good feeling about crushing my last total of 1696 at a lower bodyweight. I am also starting to clean up my diet and add in different types of cardio/ conditioning.  (No more cookies?! Fuck..)  Any questions/comments/concerns feel free to share!


By Edward McLaughlin on 9/6/2012 at 9:23

As far as my lifts are concerned... I am having a hard time with bar stabilization on the bench. I will be incorporating a lot of banded work to fix this. As far as squat & deadlift go I don't have any major issues other then continuing to drill in form. I do need to improve my recovery, a lot! My lower body takes a beating pretty easily. If you notice my volume on lower days is nothing compared to my upper days.

By Edward McLaughlin on 9/14/2012 at 17:21

I go back & forth between high rep/ high weight shrugs. I tend to stick to lower weights on shrugs just to keep my back at ease.

By Hroy on 1/4/2013 at 8:00

Looking solid! How long does one session (either upper/lower) usually last ?

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