Blue Prints To A 2400 Pound Raw Total (Entry #1)
By Ben Seath on 8/17/2012 Back to Blueprints

Blue Prints To A 2400 Pound Raw Total (Entry #1)

As Most People in Raw Powerlifting know!  The Biggest RAW Total ever is 2391 and is held by Don Reinhoudt.  That Record has been held since 1975!   I have one main goal I WILL achieve before I quit Powerlifting and It is getting that 2400 Pound Total!  So this will be a "Blue Print" to my 2400 pound raw total!  A daily Blog of my Diet, Training and My Life! 


I am currently training 5/3/1 My Training Split looks as follows

Sunday-- Military Press

Monday-- Deadlift

Wednesday-- Bench Press

Friday-- Squat


My Current PR's 

Military Press -- 315

Deadlift -- 705

Bench Press -- 501

Squat -- 862


  So Follow this Blog and I promise you will learn something and get motivated to get "BIG AS FUCK AND STRONG AS POSSIBLE!"


Next Post will be My 3/5/1 Layout and Upcoming Training Cycle! 


By BenSeath308 on 8/17/2012 at 23:28

I will be posting every exersice , Every set and Every rep I preform during my workouts do everyone can see how I warm up Ect.

By BenSeath308 on 8/18/2012 at 0:47


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